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Instagram algorithm changes.

Last week Instagram announced that they will be changing how users see their feeds. Instead of sorting photos by the time they were posted, they will now be showing photos they think we would be most interested in based upon images we have liked and the users we regularly engage with. They have said that “people miss on average of 70% of their feeds”.

The announcement has caused massive backlash amongst the community, especially with small business.

Everyone is making their voice heard including some of Instagrams most popular celebrities. Instagram is a key tool for small business’s trying to market their brand and get exposure.

There is a way around it of course. Advertising. In order to make sure your posts get seen and placed at the top of the pile, you would need to use their advertising platform and pay for that top spot. For small business’s that do not have the cash flow, this can mean they will just sit way down the feed where they will never be seen.

There are fortunately alternative ways to get exposure such as our automation service that drives relevant traffic to your account and results in an increased number of followers and higher engagement.

keep Instagram chronological The Instagram community have made their voices clear by starting a change.org petition in order to get Instagram to listen. In little under a week it had already received over 330,000 signatures. #keepinstagramchronological

UPDATE: It seems Instagram HAS been listening and have pushed back the date they will roll out their new feed. They released this statement on their twitter feed a few days ago “We’re listening and we assure you nothing is changing with your feed right now. We promise to let you know when changes roll out broadly.” Let’s hope they are listening, otherwise they could be seeing a large number of users jump ship.