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Organic Instagram Followers & Likes VS. fake.

The rise of Social Media Marketing and how important and profitable a good social media campaign can be has created a whole new market for selling & buying likes and followers.

With so many company’s promoting themselves and saying their services are better than the rest, it can be extremely confusing for newcomers to know what they’re actually paying for when looking to increase their Instagram presence by gaining more followers and more engagement.

Choosing the wrong option can destroy your brands reputation rather than improve it. There are hundreds of SMM company’s offering crazy deals for likes, followers and comments. Some are as cheap as $10 for 1000 followers! Amazing, right? Unfortunately these followers are all usually fake. If your thinking in terms of short term numbers then this is very affordable and quick. However if you actually want to grow a sustainable company/brand for the long term, then this is a terrible move.

We strongly recommend against buying these types of followers, as it can harm your business.

The followers / likes come from 100% fake, automated accounts, created by a bot.

The majority don’t look anything near real, despite claiming they are. They often boast only 2 photos and some writing / bio that was pulled from the web using a robot. They are as fake as it gets!

It does not look good if a potential client has a quick look through your following to find a bunch of fake accounts following you.

The accounts do not do anything , they are 100% inactive ghost followers.

Due to his fact, it can lead to the account being banned by Instagram, causing your followers count to drop drastically and leave your followers wondering why you went from 30,000 followers to 5000.