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How to get more followers on Instagram.

Techniques to help grow your brand while getting the right kind of followers!


Users are generally not interested in following a brand that has 3 pictures or is only posting once every couple of weeks. It’s boring and there will always be other brands trying to market themselves better. You risk your following leaving you and flocking to these competitors if you’re not giving them what they want.

In saying that, you can post too much also. Don’t spam your following with low resolution images. You should make sure every post is HD(good quality) and don’t post tons either. Posting too frequently will clog up your followers feed and could result in them unfollowing you.


This is the most common technique, however I would not say it’s the best. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s when you find hundreds of people and follow them, and then after 5-7 days you unfollow them. By then the user has likely followed you back and when you unfollow them, they will have no idea and remain following you.

Some people do this over and over every single day, however as good as it sounds, it’s very spammy & you will receive alot of comments like “Follow only to unfollow” or “why did you unfollow me” once people catch on to what you’re doing.

Liking photos

This is my favourite technique and I have gained thousands of followers this way, with no complaints from my following.

So basically if you find some accounts in the same niche as your page, go and check out the people following them. On every account that follows said accounts, you want to like 1-3 of their photos. Rinse and repeat. Once these people notice you have liked their photos they will have a look at your page out of curiosity and because they already like an account that’s similar to yours, chances are they will follow you back and like your photos and continue to do so as long as you are posting quality content.

This being said, sitting on your iPhone & liking images for 10 hours a day is not a great way to spend your time, so that’s where we come in. We can automate this exact method of liking Instagram photos for you to help you gain Instagram followers, so you can use your time posting great photos & interacting with your new followers 🙂